L'Oreal does not celebrate diversity

January 25, 2018

Published in Al Jazeera

British beauty blogger Amena Khan announced that she has pulled out of L'Oreal's latest haircare campaign, after a series of tweets in which she criticised Israel in 2014 re-surfaced.


In a statement, Khan explained that she withdrew from the campaign - a move that L'Oreal said it agrees with - because the conversations surrounding her tweets "detract from the positive and inclusive sentiment that [the L'Oreal campaign] set out to deliver". 


The L'Oreal haircare campaign, which purported to celebrate diversity, quickly made headlines for featuring the hijabi model in a hair product advertisement.


The campaign was supposed to be part of the company's strategy to champion diversity. L'Oreal has pledged to "explore and reflect the infinite diversity of styles, habits and expressions of beauty across the world in order to effectively develop and market products most adapted to diversity".

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