Every day is "Punish a Muslim Day" for British Muslims

March 12, 2018

Published in the New Statesman 


Over the last week, anonymous letters were posted to various addresses in at least five cities across the UK, calling for a day of action to punish Muslims.


The letters, which were received by various citizens in Bradford, Cardiff, Leicester, London and Sheffield, called on the public to commit violent acts against Muslims, with a points system based on the severity of the crime.Twenty-five points for pulling “a head-scarf off a Muslim ‘woman’”, 500 points for murdering a Muslim, and 2,500 points for “nuking Mecca”.


But this call-to-action is futile. Not least because the cold weather means you shouldn’t waste your time pulling off this “woman’s” scarf – there will be two hats and a hood underneath.

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