The struggles of hijab triple chin - A Capsters sports hijab review

May 15, 2018



Capsters was one of the first companies to launch a sports hijab, a whole 14 years before the Nike Pro Hijab was even a thing. In 2001, Cindy van de Bremen launched the company, before expanding to deliver worldwide in 2008. Four years later, the brand worked to develop a FIFA-approved sports hijab which resulted in the lifting of the FIFA hijab ban.


Personally, I’ve struggled for years to find a hijab/ buff/ homemade lycra monstrosity that would be comfortable, breathable, and grab-proof for the various sports that I’ve enjoyed over the years. Currently, that sport is American Football, much to the confusion of my Welsh upbringing.


The Nike Pro Hijab has received mixed reviews since its launch last December, but I happen to be one of its biggest fans. Take my money I scream at my laptop every time Nike launches a new colour. So, since the days of running five laps around my school while rewrapping and knotting my scarf, my headcare has come a long way.


I’d tried a few different brands before landing in the Nike camp, but I’d never got my hands on a Capster since, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the forehead stripe design, and I also assumed shipping from Germany would be too pricey.


But Cindy was kind enough to send me a Capsters Runner hijab to try out, which was all-white and free of the stripe that had originally put me off.


In the past month, I’ve taken my Capster to weightlifting sessions, jogging, on my bike and to my American Football training. So how did it measure up?


There’s no denying that the hijab has some excellent qualities. It’s breathable and comfortable to wear. It was, however, markedly heavier than I was used to, and when the air conditioning went off in my gym, I was soon sweating in places I didn’t even know were porous. Inside my ears? Really?


The Capster is notably looser than other sports hijabs. This is both a blessing and a curse. Compared to high street sports hijabs (Debenhams once sold what I later found out were more like wetsuits for your head) it lacked a certain choking quality. And because the face seam didn’t grip onto your face for dear life, the Capster is definitely more flattering for avoiding triple chins. The hijab chin struggle is real.


But, call me desperate, sometimes I want a hijab that holds onto me for dear life. Sometimes I need to know that, if I’m body-slammed to the ground by women who don’t understand the rules of flag football, my hair and triple chin will remain gratefully gripped. And that’s something that I didn’t feel with the loose comfort of the Capster.


So for tackle sports, working out in the heat, or if you have short hair that can get messy and come loose, I’d like to see a Capster that is lighter, tighter and more secure. During cooler weather, or workouts that aren’t going to move your scarf around, the Capster Runner does the job comfortably (and flatteringly).


Either way, the brand should be commended for essentially pioneering this product, and doing it with much more nuance than many other brands have come since. My chins and I thank you. 


 Showcasing the chins in my Nike Pro Hijab


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